Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The work for the new version of the ISO 9000 standards is in progress.

There is a very important and major revision to the standard ISO 9004 going on in the standardization committee ISO/TC176/SC2. In the standard ISO 9001 there will be no factual development but only amendments. The new versions will be published in 2008.

ISO 9004:2008 is primarily targeted to strategic and operational management of organizations. The standard will support the development of an organization on achieving sustainable success. It will be complementary to performance excellence models. It is not intention to be a guidance document for implementation of ISO 9001:2008. In the responsible working group there was a strong motion that this new standard will be repositioned in the 9000 family of standards as the core document. This repositioning should mean right content, new numbering (possibly ISO 9000:2008 instead of ISO 9004:2008), and a suitable promotion. The concept quality management system is no more used in the standard but in stead of it management system. The contents of the standard include:

  • Organizational environment
  • Organizational identity
  • Strategic imperatives
  • Management responsibility
  • Resources management
  • Product realization
  • Measurements, analysis and improvements
  • Results and sustainable organization
  • Feedback and learning
  • Strategic improvement and innovation
  • Extended process model
  • Self-assessment

Already now the advanced organizations could (and should) start planing for this new standard of "Managing for sustainable success through quality".


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