Monday, February 14, 2005

Why a professional quality management approach in any kind of organization?

The ultimate aim of quality management (QM) is to strive for ensuring the organization to achieve its strategic and operational goals, and for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of business management and leadership. Thus, genuine realization of the QM practices take place through integration in real business activities both in organization's strategic leadership as well as in the operational realization of organization’s products (goods and services). In this approach all relevant stakeholders (interested parties) should also be taken into account in accordance with their appropriate roles.

Effective use of professional expertise of quality integration makes continual improvment of business performance possible towards business excellence. This happens through

  • increasing competencies within business leaders, operators, and experts
  • diminishing uncertainties in in business activities
  • releasing resources of business leaders from acute problem clearing to proactive business measures
  • avoiding amateurism and trial-and-error approach in business actions
  • gaining respect of professionalism within partners

Quality management approach is essential for customer or supplier relationships or partnerships. When quality management (QM) equals quality of management, its sub-domain quality assurance (QA) is to create and strengthen confidence among organization's customers and other interested parties.

The well-known ISO 9000 standard-based concept of Quality Management System (QMS) should factually be understood as good / excellent systematic and holistic way to manage an organization.


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