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ISO 9000 standards guide to performance excellence

ISO 9000 is a set of standards to present the international recognized foundation for general needs and expectations of quality management and quality assurance. ISO 9000 standards are aimed to be and really can be useful and recognized reference material for the innovative development of any organization’s business performance towards the level of excellence.

The basic standards of the ISO 9000 family are ISO 9004 and ISO 9001 that form a consistent pair of quality management (QM) and quality assurance (QA) standards. ISO 9001 cannot operate effectively or efficiently without taking into account the foundation of ISO 9004 and understanding clearly the key concepts and principles of the standards.

The latest (year 2000) revision of the standards gives excellent opportunities for changing organization’s standards application strategies for achieving real business benefits instead of only bulding and maintaining artificial distinct "quality syatems". The new version of the standards to be published in 2008 will reinforce this aspect.

The ISO 9000 standards have been assembled into a two-dimensional entity. The central part of the standards is aimed at developing the systematic approach of the internal quality management of a company, whereas the other part of the standards series has to do with determining quality assurance measures applied for servicing external communications with organization’s stakeholders (interested parties), especially customers:

  • Quality Management, QM, which is for the internal use of an organization and the goal of which is to develop and improve organization’s business performance towards excellence in a systematic manner. This topic area is described in the ISO 9004 standard.
  • Quality Assurance, QA, the purpose of which is to provide the customer with factual information concerning how well the organization can fulfill the requirements of an order or contract and thus reinforce confidence and enhance satisfaction among the customers. Quality assurance aspects are focused on in the ISO 9001 standard.


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ISO 9000 family of standards has been made and is being maintained by the international standardization committee TC176 (Quality management and quality assurance) of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ( Until now there have been three generations of the basic series of ISO 9000 standards that were published in 1987, 1994 and 2000. The drafting work for the fourth version of the standards has been started and the new standards will be published in 2008. ISO 9000 standards are being used all over the world in all kinds of organizations.

14 March, 2005 19:13  
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